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100% All Natural Hand Crafted Soy Candle 10oz [283g]

Zαfιяσ Black Soy Candle 10oz

  • Sunkissed Turmeric - Feel the warmth of turmeric and spice in this rare and exquisite fragrance experience. Begins with top notes of almond, lemongrass and anise; balanced with middle notes of turmeric, geranium and Lily of the Valley, and well-rounded with nice base notes of Tonka, musk and sandalwood.


    Prince Charming - Do you want a seductive smelling candle? You have asked and we are delivering, a manly smelling fragrance! Prince Charmin is a woodsy scent sandalwood with creamy amber and floral notes of lavender, geraniums. With a peppery bergamot and lingering smell of oakmoss that is sure to make any room feel refresh!


    Baby Powder - Totally a classic! A powdery floral fragrance, with the memorable scent of baby powder, musky sandalwood and tangy orange.


    Rose Petals -Scent of wild and thorny, primeval savage roses. The most pungent in comparison to romantic rose and rose petal.


    Lemongrass - The smell of lemon candy will take you back to your childhood with this popular scent!


    Clean Linen - The clean scent of freshly washed, sun-dried laundry with that captivating fabric softner fragrance. Our Fresh Linen is “April fresh” and trendy among popular air fresheners, soaps, perfumes and most importantly candles!


    Sage Lavender - A herbal combination of lavender, lime, sage, jasmine and artemis leaves with a hint of sandalwood.


    Vanilla - Creamy notes of crushed Vanilla beans accented with soft berry and Vanilla orchid, giving it a warm French Vanilla aroma.


    Love Spell - Love Spell is one of our newest scents. This fragrance is inspired by Victoria Secret's alluring floral scent.


    Pomegranate - Kissable Pomegranate with strawberry, peach, and coconut additives to give it, its juicy chap-stick like fragrance.


    Coconut Island - This one smells just like freshly grated coconut. Let this refreshing tropical coconut scent whisk you away to your own private island paradise!


    Sandalwood - The dark and exotic, rich and sweet, woody and floral scent of Indian sandalwood. Relaxing and earthy.


    Gardenia - Strength, unity and love are symbolic of the fragrant white flowers on this timeless, classic evergreen. We offer you Gardenia Soy Fragrance.


    Apple Cinnamon - Do you want to create a home smell like you have been baking all day? This scent of crisp red apples, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg gives a genuine warm and comforting smell.


    Cucumber Mint & Eucalyptus - Who needs expensive spa treatments? Invigorating mint gives rise to a refreshing note of cool cucumber. Cool your senses with this unique blend of green cucumber, spring mint, and Eucalyptus leaves wrapped in rich notes of gently crushed garden greens, leaving it with a unique minty/menthol scent. Very enjoyable and perfect for Aroma Therapy


    Strawberry & Açaí - This fragrance will captivate you by the sweet, tart flirtation of strawberries on the rocks with an Acai berry chaser.


    Moon Milk - Our Moon Milk Soy Candle is a soothing, out of this world floral fragrance with a hint of coconut and peach.


    Nag Champa - Nag Champa is a long sought after Indian incense fragrance, beloved for its mystical aura. It is favored for its blend of sandalwood, amber and musk.


    Teak and Oudwood- combines Madagascar vanilla and Tonka Bean to balance out the fragrance to create a smooth and spicy aroma.


    Jasmine - A luminous bouquet of pink Jasmine surrounded by nuances of delicate island pikake and fresh tuberose above a shimmering base of tropical wildflowers.


    Coffee- Imagine you're in your favorite coffee shop enjoying the aroma from a fresh pot of coffee. You can with candles using our Sweet Coffee candle fragrance.


    Creme Brûlée- A French classic, with vanilla bean and caramelized sugar. We bring you the best of caramel goodness! This fragrance will have your mouth watering, thinking about fine Crème Brûlée and all of your favorite caramel desserts. 


    Pumpkin Spice- A caramelized fruity creme brulee smell, with the sweetness of pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, and a touch of vanilla and brown sugar. Reminiscent of a fresh baked pumpkin pie.


    Caribbean Sea- A sea of green Cassi buds & white flowers with fruity notes of orange, peach, and pineapple. The coconut, sugary notes transport you to the Caribbean Sea!


    Driftwood - Great as a masculine or feminine scent, our Driftwood is a woody, earthy mix of vanilla and sandalwood, warmed with musk and a touch of patchouli for a calming and long lasting fragrance oil.

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