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Unlock the essence of elegance and thoughtfulness with Zafiro Candle Company’s custom candle service. Perfect for professionals seeking to impress clients, candle enthusiasts desiring a bulk supply for home ambiance, or gifts for special occasions. Our service offers a tailored experience with each case of Zafiro Signature Dozen (12) Candles, containing a curated assortment of our best-selling scents with a personalized label.


Illuminate your connections and elevate every moment with Zafiro Candles. Choose your scent, embrace the charm of customization, and leave a lasting impression with every flicker.


Scents Included:

Moon Milk

Coconut Island 

Sage Lavender 

Cucumber Mint & Eucalyptus 

Black Rose

Ethereal Waters

Creme Brûlée 

Love Spell 

Clean Linen 

Rose Petals

Caribbean Sea


Zafiro Signature Dozen (12) Personalized 10oz Candles